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Our Philosophy

Our lives are a gift. No matter how long or short, there is peace of heart in the confidence that we will leave this world a richer place than we found it. We exist to help our valued clients create and leave a meaningful legacy.

Our Approach

We see life insurance as a tool to help protect you, your assets, your loved ones, your legacy and a little more. Once you're protected, we'll be there to help when that protection is needed. As such, you guessed it...we're big fans of inexpensive insurance...ultimately, we will help you choose the type of insurance that best fits your needs.

Dozens of Carriers to Choose From

As part of Equis Financial we are able to shop your case among multiple top-rated insurance companies. We search for the best plan at the best price based on your unique situation and needs. Each insurance company has its own underwriting sweet spot; we pride ourselves in matching you with the carrier who'll view your situation most favorably.

We Understand How Busy You Are

Best of all, it can take less than 15 minutes to help you determine your needs. We will even set up an appointment to come see you at your home, so there is no need to take time from your busy schedule to physically come to our office.

Because You Matter

We strive to help our clients understand their true potential, build plans to achieve it, and give them the assurance that - come what may - their families, properties, businesses, and charities are protected and positioned to prosper through all the seasons of their lives and beyond.


Life is about keeping dreams alive


We do everything we can to protect our loved ones and their future, making sure they will be able to live out their dreams. A safety net of insurance can help your family with lost income, mortgage, debts, estate taxes, final expenses, college education, and a variety of other living expenses. Instead of going to work every day wondering what will happen to your family if life throws you a curve ball, contact us so together we can figure what coverage best fits your needs.


Only the best Companies

We shop the best carriers to match you to the company that provides the best solution for your needs.


Importance of Family


While families don’t come with an owner’s manual, we all understand how important they are. We need one another's unconditional love and support. No matter what life throws at us, it is so much easier when we have our family's support. Since we can’t always control our destiny, it is important to make sure our loved ones will be taken care of if we can’t be there.



Our family becomes whatever we make it. Raising children is never simple; the love and financial support we give them determines their inner growth and future achievements. Always having a helping hand gives the needed strength to follow the right path when facing the world. Planning to protect their future now can insure your support will always be there when they need it most.

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